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A UK-based PPC and SEO agency, who got 100x more impressions of their content in their first 3 months.

A B2B PR firm that's seen significant growth in their clients' branded search volume.

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Your content needs to be earning impressions and boosting the awareness of your business so it can generate a better ROI. Content that doesn't get seen doesn't perform. Simple.

Converge can help. Just like we are for hundreds of businesses, including:

A US-based tech company that's seen a boost to social media engagement and following, as well as new email subscribers.

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- Promote two articles

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Ryan Burrus

We've been using Converge for several months now and we're extremely pleased with the results we've seen. As a company that places a high value on effective content promotion, Converge has been an invaluable tool for us. The platform has helped us to reach a wider audience and drive more engagement with our content. We look forward to continuing to work with them to achieve our content marketing goals.


You'll Benefit Most from Converge if:

You're a content marketer at an SME B2B company that regularly creates written content. You know you need to promote your content, but you struggle to find the time do it all yourself.

You're a PR, content or SEO agency that works for B2B companies regularly producing and sharing written content for them, and you're looking for ways to maximise the exposure and share of voice you can get for your clients.


Regardless, you will want:

To make sure more of your target audience are seeing and reading your content, to demonstrate a better ROI.

To build brand awareness, trust and familiarity among your target audience, and see a boost in branded search volume.

To get an important job taken off your "to-do" list, instead of trying to find time you don't have to do it all yourself.




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For over 13 years I've helped companies all over the world with their content marketing, and one of the biggest problems I've come across is:

"No-one is reading our content!"

My response is always the same - are you promoting it?
(and I mean *actually* promoting it - a tweet doesn't count!)

We all know the competition for attention is fierce, and organic reach is diminishing. Couple that with the fact that the battle to justify your content marketing activity, prove ROI and validate your strategy is constant, and you've got a problem.


Try Converge Free For 30 Days

- Promote two articles

- No credit card required

Hey there! I'm James and I lead the team at Converge.

That's OK, though, because it's a problem that content promotion can solve. But only if you've got the time to do it - something content marketers tell us they rarely have.

Well, this is exactly why we created Converge - to take that task off your hands and ensure content promotion gets done every day on your behalf, leading to content that performs better.

Content performing well = happy stakeholders. And that = happy content marketer, right? :)

So, if you'd like to give Converge a try for 30 days and see what impact it can have on your content, just click the button below and sign up.

How does Converge
promote my content?

Once you've published content on Converge, it automatically goes into our promotional queue. From there we regularly push it out to our combined audiences across our website, social channels, business influencers and partner newswires to get it in front of as many of the right people as possible, consistently.


What content can I share?

We’re all about quality at Converge. And our audience is largely drawn from the professional world. So we’re after advice and insights as well as interesting perspectives on a range of business topics. As for the content type, you can share written content and embed videos within articles. Audio embedding is coming soon.

Yes. As long as your content meets our guidelines, we are happy to publish and amplify it. See below if you have a follow up question about duplicate content and SEO.

Can I share previously
published content?

What about duplicate
content and SEO?

When posting content to multiple platforms at the same time (such as your website and Converge), it is important to make sure a single source of that content is the ultimate authority. Converge’s content editor will always include a tick box for you to let us know if the content is exclusive to Converge or not. If it is not exclusive, we will automatically add canonical links to protect your original content posted offsite. This means that the content will not be penalised if published on multiple sites. We’ll always do our best to give credit to your original source by use of a cross-domain canonical link.

Who reads the content
on Converge?

Our audience is made up of business professionals and owners primarily from across the UK and USA. All visitors to Converge can read, watch or listen to your content. We don't hide it behind any subscriber walls or pay walls.

Yes. Every member gets access to a stats dashboard. You can see very quickly how each piece of content performs daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, and use that information to guide your future content marketing decisions.

Can I see how my content
is performing?

Shouldn't I amplify

my content myself?

Yes, absolutely. However, marketers often tell us that their workload makes it difficult to find the time required to amplify their content as much as they need to (or, in some cases, at all). They also tell us that they can struggle to reach new and bigger audiences beyond the one they already have. By amplifying our member's content for them, continuously and effectively, Converge solves both of those problems.

Who publishes content

on Converge?

Our members tend to be B2B businesses or people who share business content. Micro businesses, freelancers, SMEs, PR/SEO/Content agencies and global enterprises are all counted among our members and we're proud to be joined by each and every one of them.

Yes, but only if they are relevant to your content. Note that every post on Converge will always include a section of information about your company, and this information will include a link to your website and social media profiles. To be clear, we do not support or publish poor content stuffed with links. Any posts we deem to be in violation of our guidelines will be removed and your membership may be revoked.

Can I add links to my

content on Converge?

No. The majority of affiliate content tends to be lightweight and of little value to our readers.

Therefore we do not allow articles that contain affiliate links to avoid an influx of poor content.

Can I add affiliate links to my

content on Converge?

Can you guarantee traffic or sales?

No. We can only guarantee that more of your target audience will find and read your content. Whether they click through to your site and become a customer depends on the quality of your content and your service - neither of which we control.